Fern, fig and dragon tree are the three best plants for absorbing radiation at home. They will protect you from the harmful fumes of paint, cleaning agents and solvents as well as other dangerous substances. Experts suggest putting a plant per every 75 square feet in your home in order to keep the air inside clean of harmful substances that can really take a toll on your health.

Here are the top health benefits of these incredible plants:


Putting a fern in your home will eliminate the formaldehyde that evaporates from furniture, glue and detergents. Keep it away from direct sunlight and don’t forget to water it often – it surely loves moisture.


Figs are known for their ability to neutralize cigarette smoke and reducing the concentration of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals. Keep it away from sunlight and put it in a place free of drafts.

Dragon tree

Just like fern, the dragon tree can reduce the concentration of formaldehyde in your home and is also a great decorative plant. It is fairly resistant to temperature changes and easy to maintain – just make sure to water it regularly and keep it in a low-light spot.