This amazing Peruvian root vegetable is becoming increasingly popular in the West. The libido boosting effect and the health benefits draw many people towards this vegetable. Some research have backed up the claims of the health benefits and others are still under progress. You can use the maca powder as an addition to the diet and you can use it as a supplement for the food ingredient.

What is Maca?

It is known as the Peruvian ginseng, is plant that grows in the Andes Mountain. It is the vegetable from the radish family. The Peruvian people have been cultivating this plant for thousands of years and it was also used by Incan warriors prior a battle.

You can prepare maca different ways, you can eat it baked, roasted or in a soup. The nutritional value and the fatty acids, amino acids, minerals and vitamins are highly praised in the world. You can make the root into powder and use it for medicinal purposes or even use it as a supplement.

Maca and 7 of its health benefits

Not all of the health benefits from maca have been proven. The nutritional value of this plant are proven facts and the fruit and myth are still under research. So the personal experience has a high role in its use.

Nutritional Benefits

In maca you can find vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. There is also potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc. Vegans and vegetarians are using it as a source of vitamin B complex.

You can find the maca herb in some creams and lotions.

Boosts the sexual function

The most famous reasons why people use maca plant as the sexual boosting. It is known as the “aphrodisiac of the Andes”. Scientists are researching how maca can help men and woman to boost the libido. But the evidence is still limited. The studies have been conducted on animals, and the human studies are not completed yet.

The positive effects of maca on the sexual function and desire are anecdotally explained. Experts say it can have a good effect on the sexual dysfunction, where others say that there is another powerful herb that can increase the libido. About this herb you can read more in my post how to naturally improve the libido.

Increase the energy level

Due to the phytoestrogens the maca contains you can improve the mood and can act as an anti-depressant. Some people use it to fight fatigue and level the syndromes. There were studies that suggest maca can increase the physical and mental abilities. More about the food that can increase your energy can be found in the article top 10 superfoods to boost your energy.

Use it to improve fertility

The sex hormones are regulated with the help of maca herb. It is known to increase the sperm count, sperm motility and sperm volume, and with this you will get better chances of conception.

Maca can be found in different types. The black maca root is the best choice if you are trying to conceive and to improve the fertility.

Strengthen the body

Improve the stamina with the help of maca. It is adaptogen, meaning it can enter the body, adapt and repair whatever needs to be repaired in the system. This is how the overall body health and function is improved with the help of maca.

Balance the hormone levels

Maca helps the system to produce hormones establishing optimal balance on the endocrine system. Women going under hormonal changes, like menopause, are encouraged to take the maca supplements.

Help during menstrual cycle and improve the health

With the help of maca you can relieve your menstrual pain and cramping. During menopause and mood swings you can use the maca as well. It can protect the bones due to the calcium and magnesium properties in maca, helping to lower the risk of osteoporosis in the post-menopausal period.

How to use Maca?

You can find it in powder, and as such you can add maca to your smoothies, juices, salads, desserts and other foods. Remember not to put maca in hot food because it will reduce the nutritional value.

It can also be found as capsules. The taste of maca has been described as “malted” but with regular use you can learn to enjoy and appreciate the flavor.

What is the amount of maca you should consume?

Andean Peruvians have been using it for feeding their livestock and to themselves. The right way is to introduce the maca powder in small amounts in the diet and gradually increase it.

Once you took a dose, you can observe your body and system if there are some unwanted changes and effects. Buy organic maca because of its lack of pesticide.

Start with ½ teaspoon maca powder daily and later increase it up to 1 tablespoon. You need to take some days off this supplements, and rotate the consummation with days taking the supplement and days when you are not taking the supplements.

Consult your doctor if you are pregnant, breast feeding or you have any other medical condition.

Possible Side effects from consuming Maca

Jittery feeling- If you consume bigger amount of maca you can feel excessive energizing effect. Just reduce the dosage.

Insomnia – maca is better to be taken before 1 pm. Take less if you have insomnia, or you can use these 12 herbs for insomnia.

Digestive problems- when consuming maca in raw form you can experience cramping and gassiness. It is better to take gelatinized form if you have sensitive stomach. Or just heat it a little and digest it easily.

Acne- The initial reaction to maca are the acne and they can pass on its own. If the skin doesn’t clear up you need to stop taking maca. There are DIY natural face masks that you can use for this, and they are explained in the post why you should wash your face with ACV.

Heartburn- reduce the dosage if feeling heartburn, or switch to gelatinized form.