We use parsley mainly for flavor in our food. And we regularly use lemon in our food. So now here is an excellent combination of lemon and parsley that will help you lower the cholesterol. Parsley is very rich with vitamin C, A and K because of the flavonoids and the natural essential oil that it contains. It is usually recommended to be taken during the winter when its cold and flu season.  The parsley leaf is also very important. It helps excretion and helps the body to eject all the harmful substances from our body. We just need to mix the parsley and add the lemon to lower your cholesterol.

Here is what you need:

1.5 l water

3 parsley bunches

1 kg lemon

Baking soda


Rub the lemon with its peel with baking soda to clean the bark. It is better to use homegrown lemons if you have. Boil the water and let it cool off. Cut the lemons into slices and the parsley in to pieces ( bland if you can) and add them to the cold water. Leave this mixture in a fridge for a day and then pour it in a glassed jar or bottle. You should consume 100 ml daily 30 minutes before every meal.