The walking process is the easiest and the cheapest method to lose weight and stay healthy. If you walk regularly you can lose one pound per week or maybe even more. When walking the whole body is moving and you improve the health and tone the muscles at the same time. If you want to use the walking to lose weight you need to know the right principles and ways of walking to lose weight. Once you start walking it will easily start to be your daily routine and you will feel better and healthier.

How to lose weight

The burning calories are proportional with the body weight and the walking pace you take. If you walk at a pace of 4 miles per hour ( normal pace) you can burn 400 calories per hour. This is an average assumption. You can walk a shorter distance if you like and you can combine the walking with daily schedule. If you walk 3 miles extra you can easily lose 300 calories more a day. There is a device called pedometer that can measure how much calories you are burning while walking.

The connection between a pedometer and Weight lost

If you have a goal to lose weight using the walking process the best way is to buy a good quality pedometer or a wrist band to track your daily activities and the lost of calories. This will give you a boost to success and will let you see the weight lost you receive by walking.

The pedometer is very light and you can attach it to your hip. It will measure the number of steps you take during the workout or you can even measure the number of steps you take during the whole day.

To lose weight with walking you need to know how many miles you need to cover so that you can drop the extra pounds you like. And to do this you need to find out how many are you covering currently. After you have measured how many steps you take per day, you can know how much you need to increase the number of your steps and the distance everyday so that you can see the difference on the scale. Here is an example: you are taking 8,000 steps a day and you are maintaining your weight, to lose weight you will need to increase the number of steps, increasing the mileage according the number of calories you want to burn. It is simple mathematics. The details about this are described below.

How many steps you need??

If you see that in one mile an average person loses 100 calories, and to lose weight you will need to take about 2,000 steps per mile. So the pedometer will keep track of the number of steps and how many miles you have passed during the day, counting the calories you have burnt by walking. This is a great exercise for the body if you are one of those people that don’t actually have the time to exercise otherwise. Just add more steps to your daily routines and see the calories burning.

Here is a list of how many miles you will need to walk to burn calories:

  • 1 mile= 2,000 steps and 100 burnt calories
  • 1 pound- 3,500 calories
  • 1 pound weight loss per week= 500 calorie deficit per day
  • add 10,000 steps to your day to lose 1 pound per week

The number 10,000 steps is a very big number. But here are some ideas how to include this number in your busy lifestyle. Don’t start with 10,000 right away, you can add the numbers gradually.

  • walk the way to work and back home instead of riding a bus
  • if you are driving, park your car further so that you can walk more
  • walk to the bus station instead of riding a bus or driving a car
  • use the stairs instead of the elevator
  • walk the children to school and back.

There are some pedometers that besides counting the number of steps they also give the number of burnt calories per day. This will help you keep track of your progress and give you motivation to keep up the walking during the week.

Because of this information the pedometer is very important so make sure you get the best one so that you can count every step and every calorie you have lost. The American Medical Association says that wearing the pedometer can help the weight control and monitor the success of weight loss.

Keep it interesting!

  • Walking the same track can be boring, so just change the things around
  • you can walk in different parks, neighborhoods, motivate yourself with music you enjoy and energize the walking
  • if it is cold outside you can buy a treadmill and place it in front of the window or the TV. You can watch your favorite show or enjoy the nature through the window.
  • You can have company while you walk. Invite a friend or a family member. They can mix up the routine even if its just once a week. Don’t let the boredom make you give up on walking. Spice it up every time.
  • Switch your routines whenever you can. Keep it interesting longer.


Styles of walking

Since they were small children everyone learned how to walk. And everyone has been walking for years. But the environment and the habits may have changed the walking posture and some people may have developed less desirable walking standards.

When you are walking to lose weight you need to keep your chin up, focus your eyes 10 feet forward, keep a long stride, pull in the abdomen towards the spine and squeeze the glutes. If walking like this you will achieve more benefits for losing weight.

The regular walking

First of all you need to consult your doctor about your health and talk about the walking as a losing weight solution. You need to be healthy to start walking for losing weight.

If the doctor says you are clear to go, you can start the walking three days per week with only 15-20 minutes. After this you can increase the frequency gradually until you have reached up to 30 to 60 minutes per day, every day of the week.

The best thing to lose weight is the moderate exercise. It has been proven that by walking and no diet you can lose up to 88 pound per year.

Boost the weight loss

The walking process is the simplest and easiest way to lose weight gradually. If you would like to lose weight little more quickly you can boost the weight lost by reading some of my other posts.