I am talking about a diet that lasts total 3 weeks which means losing 8-10 kg starting from your weight ( the bigger the starting weight is the more kilograms you will lose).

First week

Eat 1 orange every 3 hours (1 kg a day). Besides this you should eat 2 boiled eggs and drink 2 liters of water. Be patient, the rest of the weeks will be more humane than the first one.

Second week

Still continuing to eat 1 kg oranges a day, and drink 2 l of water, but you can add a glass of cereals with yogurt or one cup of corn meal for lunch and dinner. Boiled eggs are for breakfast.

Third week

Still eating 1 kg oranges a day and drinking 2 l of water, but instead of cereals start eating small amounts of vegetables. Vegetables can be eaten if prepared on a steam or baked in the oven. There are no restrictions about the number of portions.

This diet can only be implemented twice a year.