The number is amazing, don’t you think? But it actually works.

During the period of 70 years we input 100 tons of food and 40.000 liters of fluids in our body. And just imagine how much toxic waste is deposited in our stomach and intestines. Around 15 kg.

When the bowels in our body are not clean, we have problems like constipation, diabetes, obesity, kidney and liver diseases, problems with the eyes and the ears, bad skin, unhealthy hair and nails, and many more from arthritis to cancer.

You might have tried to cleanse your intestines with an enema, but it might clean your intestines only 40-50 %. And let’s admit that the professional cleansing treatments cost too much money. Here is the introduction of KEFIR. Continue reading.

If you consume 2-3 tablespoons of kefir grains during a period of 3 weeks you can clean all your intestines and at the same time get rid of bacteria.

Kefir grains are used to burn fat and regulate the metabolism as well as absorb and eliminate toxins from the system. They are great when it comes to lowering the level of cholesterol. People have been using kefir for problems like gastritis, urinary tract diseases, stomach ulcers, cysts and obesity.

Consume these mixtures for three weeks instead of breakfast and see what happens:

Week 1 : 1 tablespoon linseed flour mixed with 100 ml kefir

Week 2: 2 tablespoons linseed flour mixed with 100ml kefir

Week3 : 3 tablespoons linseed flour mixed with 150ml kefir

Every morning you should prepare and consume it fresh. You need to consume 2-3 l water during the day.

If you use kefir for cleansing the intestines you should only do it for 21 days in a year. Once a year is more than enough. It will clean the intestines and it will also help you lose some pounds.