1. You will have tighter skin

Smoking destroys the collagen and skin elasticity, lowers the estrogen level necessary for keeping the skin elasticity.

  1. You will lower the level of red skin

Smoking causes skin irritations, which produce free radicals that destroy the blood vessels. Same goes for regular exposing to passive smoking. If you stop smoking, the damage can be fixed. After just several weeks without cigarettes, you lower the inflammatory signs, especially those connected to the heart diseases.

  1. Reduction of the dark circles around the eyes

There still isn’t a magical cure for the dark circles under the eyes. But, one is known- smoking only makes things worse. After quitting smoking, these circles are not that visible, and the eyes themselves look fresher. The toxin from cigarette smoke damages the sensitive tissue around the eyes.

  1. You will have cleaner skin tone

The more you smoke, the older you look. You will have more freckles that can only get deeper, uneven skin tone and generally lifeless skin. Every 10th year of smoking will make you older for 2 and half years.

  1. Whiter teeth and nails

Smoking makes the teeth yellow; you have bad breath and spots on your nails. All this can disappear if you stop smoking.

  1. You will have more confidence

By stopping smoking, not only that your tan, hair, skin and teeth will get better, but the entire look as well. It is proven that smoker have more negative image of their body than nonsmokers.