This line can be found on your fingertips. It can say a lot about your love life and your feelings. Just look at the picture to find out where your heart line is and discover the fact if you are going to love and be loved. Look at your palm from bellow your index finger, the place between the middle finger, extending to the edge of the palm side all the way to the little finger.

  • If you look at your line and see that your heart line begins below the middle finger, than that means that you were born to be a leader. You are ambitious, independent, intelligent and have great judgment qualities and decision making. Some would say that your sensibility towards others is on a low level.
  • If your heart line begins between the middle finger and the index finger then we can say that you are considerate and kind towards others. You are perceived as a trusty person but hesitant and cautious. You decide with cautious and common sense.
  • The characteristics of the people whom the line begins bellow the middle finger (1) apply to those whose line begins below the index finger
  • If the line begins between the index finger and thumb, your characteristics are patience, caring, well- intentioned and soft – hearted.