There was a study made that show broccoli and watercress have the potential to lower the risk of cancer. They have high level of antioxidants. The broccoli and the watercress are known for their anti-cancer benefits.

Health benefits

The watercress has peppery taste and it is filled with nutrients. Due to the vitamins and minerals the watercress has 312 % intake for vitamin K as well as vitamin C. The watercress protects the body`s DNA from damaging. The broccoli is filled with vitamin D, the fibers and other kinds of glucosinolate phyto-nutrients that can help the body to detoxify and to clean the system from all infections and diseases.

Prevention of cancer

These vegetables can help lower the risk of colon cancer, breast cancer and the prostate cancer. There are glucosinolates, that due to the phyto-chemicals they produce isothiocyanates. The properties of these compounds can shut down the signals that the tumors send to the brain, encouraging them to keep growing.

Some studies have shown that if you chew these vegetables you release enzymes that can clear and help the body in fight against cancer. PEITC is a compound known as phenanthrylisothiocyanate found in the watercress and the broccoli, and they also help in prevention against cancer. This effect of inhibiting the growth of cancer cells with the help of broccoli and watercress has been proven by many studies.

Better effect than chemo

Chemo therapy attacks the large tumors in the body. And besides this it also has big problem due to the large amount of radiation you are exposed to. This treatment is helping in reducing and removing the cancer cells, but they still remain in the body. There were researches made that show PEITC found in the watercress and the broccoli can kill the cancer cells within 24 hours. This research was made in an isolated lab tests so when they are conducted in the body the results may differ but the reality is clear: the compounds found in the watercress and broccoli inhibit and eliminate the cancer cells. If you consume these vegetables you can only benefit from these amazing compounds.