There was a research made with mice with pancreatic cancer and this amazing Chinese plant. In just 40 days the cancer in these animals has disappeared.
These scientists now try to raise money to conduct this research on people to see the effects of this plant on them. This plant goes by the name of “thunder god vine” or lei gong teng, was used in Chinese medicine for treating many diseases.

There  was a research made in the University of Minnesota Cancer Center, within 40 days the body has lost all signs of cancer- even after the treatment has stopped. This research was promoted in the Science Translation Medicine magazine.


This plant contains large amount of triptolide, identified as cancer fighter.

This plant is free in relations to all of the expensive and dangerous cancer drugs, with all the side effects. Because of its cheapness the medical companies have no interest in investing for their research. People have been using it for years and like ginger it is free of charge.

Some scientists try to make a drug out of the substance of this specific plant and are waiting for approval of the FDA, and if this comes true than this drug will be patented and sold for large amount of money.