Long and healthy hair is the main feature for femininity. Straight and shiny hair attracts the man, and there is no girl that didn’t want to have one.

Some woman don’t pay much attention to the length of the hair, until others, would give everything to have long, thick and healthy hair.

If you want your hair to grow faster you should try the onion method, very popular in Hollywood.

Dermatologists say that the onion will not have negative effect on your skin or head.

Onion is filled with sulfur enhancing the growth of collagen and important for the hair growth.

The recipe is very simple, and the results are visible in the first month.

Grind 2- 4 onions and squeeze its juice. Massage your head with the juice and leave it on for 15 minutes. If you have time you can leave it up to 1 hour the most. That way the result will be better.

Afterwards wash your hair and put regenerator. This treatment should be done twice a month and you will be surprised from the results.

Don’t worry; your hair will not smell like onions, after you wash it with a shampoo.