The health of their children is the most important thing for mothers. They are careful about what their kids eat, and limit their exposure to toxic materials such as cigarette smoke.

But, according to a recent research, although mothers are caring well for their children, they’re bathing them in toxins every night! Johnson & Johnson, one of the world’s biggest baby care product companies, have been found to use numerous toxic materials that are extremely harmful to babies’ skin. This article will show you exactly what was found in their baby care products.

Your child’s immune system is delicate

The child immune system is very delicate, but putting babies in bubbles won’t get them exposed to pathogens and bugs that will help them grow and strengthen the immune system. On the other hand, filling their bodies with toxic chemicals will create lifelong health problems.

Johnson & Johnson’s products can irritate your child’s skin and attack its immune system by triggering excessive immune responses.

Ingredients found in Johnson & Johnson’s products

If you have one of these baby care products at home, read the label right now. You will be amazed to see that there are many things you can’t even pronounce.

For example, 1.4-dioxane is the main toxin found in Johnson & Johnson’s products. The Environmental Protection Agency is associating it with skin irritation, headaches, drowsiness, vertigo and liver damage. Quartenium-15 is a well-known carcinogen found in this company’s baby shampoo which releases formaldehyde, a dangerous chemical that can irritate your baby’s skin over time.

Healthy alternatives

At the moment, the company claims that they are in the process of removing the toxins from their products in the USA, but can you really support a company that has been adding toxins to their products for who knows how long? In other countries, their products are toxin-free, so there’s no point in waiting this long in the USA.

Instead of using Johnson & Johnson’s products, you should seek natural alternatives for your child. For example, Burt’s Bees have great natural products, although the smell is not pleasant for many people. Other companies that you should check out are Aveeno, BabyGanics, California Baby and Little Twig. Try their products and see what’s best for your baby.