This fruit is well known among us as the Japanese apple. It is a sweet autumn – winter fruit. These Japanese fruit can be found from light yellow through orange all the way to dark red. It is all eatable. Besides the freshly taste it has a lot of benefits for our body. Here is why:

Cancer Prevention

This fruit has vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K. And it is filled with antioxidants. They help the immune system and fight against diseases, help to relieve stress and strengthen the blood vessels. Antioxidants protect from the oxidative stress. And this is usually chronic diseases, like heart diseases and various cancers.

Food digestion

Japanese apple has a lot of fibers. Especially those dietary fibers important for digestion. They stimulate the intestines and help them to digest better, lowering the possibility of constipation and encourages the release of the toxins from the body.


Help the eye sight

The antioxidants, like zeaxantine, are great for elderly suffering from cataracts and muscle degeneration. They help the eyes and are often called “eye vitamins”. They reduce the oxidative stress that we discussed previously.

Improve the heart

I have already said that Japanese apple contains high levels of dietary fibers, minerals and phenols, important against atherosclerosis. Some research has shown that these characteristics of the Japanese apples are very useful and helpful in the anti- atherosclerosis diets. Making the muscles of the heart stronger and prevent heart diseases.

Great immune system

12.6 mg vitamin C is compounded in the Japanese apple. That is 21 % of the recommended daily intake of the vitamin C for the body. Japanese apple protects the body from free radicals, strengthening the immune system and making it possible to fight against common diseases.

Lowering body weight

Because of the dietary fibers, 6g in one Japanese apple, 24 % of the daily recommended intake, it helps lower the body weight. They speed up the metabolism and reduce the appetite, making the body lose weight and still stay healthy.