The hawthorn was used by the Chinese people to make fermented drinks for many years and it can even be found in pots with 9000 year old plants. The religion found it to be very important as well. According the legend, Christ`s crown was made out of hawthorn. And there is there the myth with the connection between vampires and hawthorn.

Previously, hawthorn grew only in Europe, Asia, North America and the Mediterranean, but now it can be found everywhere.

Besides hawthorn, there are many more names for this plant like white thorn, sharp thorn, hook, ETIC, haw, a bear pears and many more.

The benefit for the heart

This flower is rich in antioxidants, essential oil, glycosides, trimethylamine and oxacitin. It also contains tannin, saponin, fructose, potassium, sodium, calcium and phosphoric acid salts.

Many researchers were interested in this flower thanks to the homeopathic book “ fresh fruits hawthorn tincture” by William Schwabe. Many researches show that this plant may also prevent a heart attack.

The use of hawthorn is essential for people suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol and having problems like hardening of the vessels.

Mainly, this plant is used for healthy blood system. Hawthorn can help people with serious heart conditions as well. It usually is suggested after one has had a heart attack to increase the blood flow to the coronary blood vessels. It promotes activity and nutrition to the heart muscle cells. People over 50 should consider using the hawthorn tincture occasionally to maintain their heart healthy.

More healthy benefits from Hawthorn

  • it has a calming and sedative effect
  • it can help when feeling fatigue, lack of energy, having bad time going to sleep, difficulties while breathing, feeling dizziness, having fast heart beatings, anxiety, nervousness and hearing noise in the ears.
  • woman in menopause can use it to feel comfort
  • it helps remove excessive water from the system so it is good for losing weight, it helps against cellulite, edema and joint problems.
  • you can use it to strengthen the connective tissue of the joints, and when suffering from ulcerative colitis and digestive problems because of its anti inflammatory properties.
  • it can protect against vascular diseases like arteriosclerosis and against free radicals in the body.

For most adults the hawthorn is safe to be consumed. It is not recommended for pregnant women and those breastfeeding.

The harvest of the Hawthorn

In the medicine the doctors use two types of Hawthorn, the red one and the white one. It is recognizable because of its thorns and toothed lobes leaves. It is harvested in spring because of the juices that are circulating at that time. It can be used fresh or dried. The fruits are being harvested in the autumn when they turn bright red. The white flowers are harvested before they open from April to June. They are used dry in shade in thin layers.

Hawthorn drops

To make drops you need to pour 200 ml of 70% alcohol over 20 g crushed leaves and flowers. Occasionally stir. Strain the mixture after 3 weeks and filter it. Consume 20 drops every day with some liquid. They are used as prevention as well as a therapy in vascular diseases and nervous system.

Hawthorn syrup

2 kg of the hawthorn berries should be put in a blender and mixed with some water, 2.5 cm above the berries. Leave it for 24 hours. Boil the mixture and leave it for half an hour. Remove it from the fire and leave it for another half an hour. After it gets cold, strain it and place it in the fridge. Mix the berries again in a blender with new water and boil them again for half an hour and away from the fire for another half an hour. Strain the mixture through the cloth. Mix this juice with the previous made one and slimmer them on low heat until they reduce to ¼ of the mixture. Place it in bottles and consume 6 to 12 tablespoons daily. The mixture has no expiration day.

Against Heart attacks

Here is a formula that people with high risk of heart attack can make and consume

  • 240 ml hawthorn syrup
  • 30 ml gentian tincture
  • 30 ml ginger tincture
  • 30 ml cactus Selenicereus grandiflora tincture
  • 30 ml red pepper tincture

Way of preparation:

Use half of the hawthorn syrup in half a bottle. In another bottle mix all the tinctures and add all of them in the bottle with the syrup. Mix them all together. Consume one tablespoon 3 to 8 times a day.