Pneumonia and influenza are one of the most common causes of death which kill over 50,000 people annually only in the US. The numbers are staggering. For years vaccine has been recommended to prevent influenza. But there’s one problem. This vaccine does not give results! The vaccine only weakens the immune system, especially when you take into account that the flu vaccine is full of unwanted (toxic) substances such as mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde. Also, the deadliest cases of ‘viral pneumonia’ is treated with antibiotics, which are completely ineffective against viruses. Fortunately, there is a natural solution which is systematically ignored by western medicine for decades.

One vitamin kills pneumonia in a single consumption

We often hear that antibiotics will not help if we are suffering from a viral infection. Around 70 years ago Dr. Frederick Klenner and many other doctors, treated over 30 diseases (including pneumonia), with taking sufficient amounts of vitamin C. The treatment showed that vitamin C can do wonders without disturbing the intestinal flora. Listen to a part of an exclusive interview with doctor Andrew Soula. This is his personal story of recovery from pneumonia in just 3 hours! After a series of unsuccessful attempts with conventional medicine, you will learn how a child fully recovered from a serious of respiratory infections.

Is every vitamin C the same?

You should have on mind that not all vitamin C supplements are created in the same way. If your vitamin C supplement is derived from corn, make sure it is not a from GMO type of corn! If you decide to administer vitamin C orally as a powder, capsule or liquid form, remember that you can get bowel movements or diarrhea. Everyone reacts differently depending on the health history and current health status. Of course, it would be best always to be used organic lemons squeezed in plain water without any additives.