Here are three reasons why you must improve your body posture: 

  1. You risk back pain, tightness in the chest and poor blood circulation with incorrect posture.
  2. Correcting your posture can greatly improve the aforementioned issues.
  3. According to some studies, proper posture can reduce stress, improve breathing, hormonal balance, digestion, mental clarity and overall health.

There is a simple enough way to improve our posture. We advise you to exercise your muscles used for standing in a natural position. This exercise is called grasshopper position in yoga. Practice the exercise gently and slowly and do what suits you and your personal options. If you have back pain, consult with a doctor before beginning.

  1. Lie on the stomach face down, and put the forehead on the floor.
  2. Extend and spread your legs at hip width. Distribute the weight evenly over the top of the feet.
  3. Keeping your head up, lift the upper part of the body slowly, as high as you can.
  4. Inhale and lift your head up – during exhaling lift up your hands and fingers. Keep the hands close to the body.
  5. Lift your legs by using the thigh muscles – your weight will rely on the ribs, abdomen and pelvis.

Stay in this position from 10 seconds to 1 minutes, as much as you can and repeat it 5-10 times. It will strengthen the back muscles, torso and legs, and help you in improving your posture.