We all heard about artificial eggs, and now the rice comes too!

This morning the news reported about fake rice that is spreading across Asia. First they were introduced as rumors on social media, but few days later the true story revealed itself on the news about the plastic rice. You need to be extra careful when you go and buy rice that the most important of all is to read the labels on the products.

Firstly this type of rice appeared in India`s southern state Kerala. It originated from China but somehow it found its way to India, Indonesia and Vietnam.

It has been proven that this artificial rice is being mixed with normal rice and can be found in some famous brands. People who have used this type of rice have experienced stomach issues and weren`t aware that they actually had artificial rice instead of the normal one.

The experts confirm that this rice is made out of potatoes, sweet potatoes and synthetic resign. It can affect the digestive system, can import toxins in the system and can even poison the body. The media reported that it found its way on the market for longer period of time, firstly in Taiyuan and Shaanxi. Many people have bought this type of rice because they didn’t read the label on the product they bought.

This type is perfectly safe to use, according the Malaysian Agriculture and Agro based industry Ministry. But they also state that this fake rice was imported and sold in small shops, not in the large supermarkets.

 Is there a chance to avoid this rice??

If by some chance you bought rice from a small store and you are not sure of its origins, you can check its quality in your home. The fake rice when cooked remains hard and it has specific taste different from the regular normal rice. There is also the fact that when this rice is exposed to high temperatures and heat, it can burn like plastic.