Nothing is more annoying than a household appliance that suddenly stops working. It can be due to a mechanical failure, human error or dirtiness. Whatever the reason, buying a new one is far too costly.

One of the most annoying problems is when the clothes smell of mildew after taking them out of the washing machine. Fortunately, we have an easy solution for this issue that will easily remove the dirt and grime within the machine. The best part is that the solution contains only two ingredients.

A call to the service center is what you usually do when the washing machine stops working. The service pulls the machine apart to diagnose and resolve the problem. If the cost of repairs is too high, most people just end up buying a new washing machine. But, this solution offers a cheap and easy way to clean your machine. It contains Clorox bleach and white vinegar. Be careful not to mix the two ingredients together as they are poisonous and toxic! You should use one on every cycle.

Mix the bleach with the same volume of warm water, and wipe all the reachable areas with a towel soaked in the mixture. Try to get under the rubber sealing too. If some areas are harder to scrub, leave the towel soaked in the mixture on them for 30 minutes, then try scrubbing again. The bleach will kill all the mildew inside. Once you’re done, start the empty washing machine on the hottest cycle in order to remove the bleach.

On the second cycle, add the white vinegar and set the program to the hottest temperature cycle. Check the machine in the end: it should be clean, functional and free of mildew. You have cleaned it yourself at a very low cost!