The cabbage leaves are those that react to the body and help pull out all diseases from our bodies. You need to consume them frequently so that the cabbage can do its magic from the inside as well.

Here you can read how the cabbage leaves can help you if you apply them on your body.

  1. Swelling caused by trauma

When a certain place on your body starts to swell due to a hit, you can choose fresh cabbage leaves to place on top of it and feel relief. You can tighten the leaves with a bandage. The same process goes if you have hurt your ankle or have swollen legs. You should place them overnight and leave them till the morning.

  1. Thyroid gland

The thyroid helps the growth of hormones and the functioning of the metabolism and digestive system. You can put cabbage leaves on your throat and cover them with a shawl. The same thing applies here to leave it on overnight.

  1. Headaches

You don’t need to reach to medications for a headache. You can release the stress and the pain by applying cabbage leaves on the temples and the upper part of the head. You can use a cap or hat to keep them in place. You can also keep the leaves overnight.

  1. Breastfeeding pain

When breastfeeding, woman feel pain. The pain can be relieved by compressing fresh cabbage leaves on the breasts and you can do this during the day or overnight.