No one pays much attention to the thyroid, the butterfly-shaped organ that goes through our trachea, until it starts malfunctioning. The thyroid regulates numerous functions in our body, including our body temperature and hormone production. If it is somehow affected, it can result in hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, two conditions that can negatively affect your overall health.

Hypothyroidism can make your feel tired, cold and depressed, while hyperthyroidism can increase your heart rate and cause diarrhea. Both conditions are very serious and may result in bigger health problems.

Hypothyroidism treatment

Hypothyroidism is difficult to diagnose in the beginning as it develops without symptoms and slowly damages the thyroid. The late phase of the condition causes seizures, anemia and low blood supply to the brain which can have serious consequences. Hypothyroidism can cause depression, confusion, fatigue, feeling cold, pain in the hands, hair loss, slow talking and movement, blunt terms, constipation and other delayed body functions. The condition is usually treated with prescription medications which may often be ineffective, but luckily for you, we have a great natural remedy that can help you reduce the symptoms and treat the condition. Here’s how to prepare it:


1 kg. of organic honey

40 green young walnuts


Wash the walnuts and let them dry, then pierce them with a knife several times and add them in a jar with honey. Leave the jar on a sunny spot for 40 days, then strain the mixture and pour the liquid in a bottle.

Drink 2 dl. of the liquid every day to regulate the function of your thyroid and avoid further problems. For best results, we also suggest taking 200 mg. of iodine every day.