Unlike any other disease that are not easily seen and hurt, the warts don’t hurt but are seen and this is what bothers us the most. Here is how to get rid of them easily….

Warts are ugly growths on our skin and they sometimes act as small balloons that are hanging. Besides being ugly, they often are in places that bother us. Here is how to get rid of them without the help of a doctor. Even though they are harmful and don’t hurt, the warts are something that everyone wants to get rid of. They usually grow in unpleasant places like the hands, the feet or neck and are clearly visible making us uncomfortable. But do not worry, because you can remove it very easily. All you need for this is apple vinegar. The vinegar will help you remove the wart, without fear that a scar will be left behind. You just need to put several drops on a bandage, then stick the bandage on a previously cleaned wart. The bandage should be replaced daily, but first you need to clean the wart. Firstly, clean the wart, than put several drops of apple vinegar on a bandage and put the bandage on the wart, daily. If you use this regularly and every day the wart will disappear in the next 5 days. If necessary repeat the treatment.