Do you know how to take proper care of your vagina? There are rules that you probably haven’t heard about, and you probably defy them every time you shower.

 Leave the inside alone

The intimate parts clean themselves with the help of lactobacilli (good bacteria). They keep the acidity of the vagina and help in the fight against viruses.

Rinse with water only

Hygiene gels are very popular nowadays. But gynecologist insist that the intimate parts are cleaned with water instead.

Be careful with the soap

If soap is a must for you, use one that will not disrupt the pH value and doesn’t dry the skin. Try a soap with olive oil.

Rinse it once a day

The skin of the intimate parts is sensitive as any other part of the body, so it irritates more with frequent washing. Do it once a day – it’s enough.

Don’t clean with steam

Steam cleaning of the vagina is a wrong method – you’re just damaging it that way.

Do not use gloves or sponge

These items damage the mucous membrane, so keep away from them.