The number of breast cancer cases rises by the minute. One in every eight women is at risk of developing breast cancer in her lifetime. This deadly disease is caused by many factors, and many studies are researching the possibility of reducing the risk of breast cancer. One of the studies may have found the cure: flaxseeds.

Why flaxseeds?

One of the ingredients in flaxseeds, lignin, is what works best against breast cancer. It has an estrogenic effect on the body and is classified as a phytoestrogen which reduces the amount of natural estrogen that affects the cells. Flaxseeds also contain omega-3 fatty acids and fiber which help in the fight against breast cancer as well.

How do flaxseeds prevent cancer?

80% of the breast cancers are estrogen-positive receptors. Lignin works by interfering with the natural estrogen processes in the body. New studies have confirmed that flaxseeds are a great breast cancer prevention agent, and even treatment for patients who are already diagnosed.

Flaxseeds as treatment

A clinical experiment was conducted on breast cancer patients. They were given a muffin with and without flaxseeds. The patients that ate the flaxseeds muffin had increased apoptosis and decreased cell proliferation in the cancer cells.

Apoptosis is the process that describes the death rate of cancer cells, which usually live longer than normal, healthy cells and proliferation describes the tumor’s growth. Cancer tumors grow fast because of the quick proliferation if the cancer cells. Just 2.5 tablespoons of flaxseeds increase the cancer cells’ death rate.

Another study showed that breast cancer patients who consumed flaxseeds during treatment lived longer than the patients who didn’t. As you can see from this article, flaxseeds are a great, natural way to prevent and treat breast cancer. Consult your doctor to make a nutrition plan and include flaxseeds in your diet.

How do you take flaxseeds?

They must be grinded before consummation. If they are whole, they might pass undigested through the system. Grind them easily with a coffee or spice grinder.