Marshmallows are a favorite dessert of many people around the world, but they don’t have any health benefits and contain too much sugar. A piece of marshmallow has 29 gr. of sugar which equals about 400 empty calories – over 10 times the recommended daily amount. And this is just for a single marshmallow, but no one eats only one, right? This kind of habit will raise your calorie intake and result in serious health problems such as weight gain, obesity and diabetes.

In general, any sugar-rich foods have no health benefits at all. The more sugary treats you eat, the less room for fruit and vegetables you have. Long term high sugar intake has been known to lead to severe health problems such as:

Heart diseases;

Increased cholesterol levels;

Insulin resistance and diabetes;

Food addiction;

Teeth cavities;

Pancreatic cancer.

If you can’t stop eating marshmallows, but you want to reduce your sugar intake, you can try these healthy marshmallows which can be made with coconut or chocolate. Once you try them, you will never buy commercial marshmallows again! Here’s the recipe:


Half a cup of organic honey

Half a teaspoon of vanilla extract

Half a cup of water

1 ½ a tablespoon of gelatin

1/8 of a teaspoon of salt


Grease a loaf pan lightly, then cover it with baking paper which you should grease as well. Pour the water and gelatin in a bowl and mix well with a mixer. Now, add another ¼ of a cup of water, salt and honey in a small pot, then bring the mixture to 240 degrees precisely – you can measure the temperature with a thermometer, or test it by dripping a bit of it into a bowl of icy water. If it forms soft balls once inside, it is ready. 240 degrees of temperature are usually reached in 7-8 minutes. Remove the pot from the heat as soon as you reach the temperature.

Next, add the hot syrup into the gelatin and mix with the mixer on low speed and drizzle it onto the side of a bowl.

Now, it’s time to add the vanilla into the mixture. Mix everything with a mixer for 10-15 minutes, put the thick mixture into a pan and leave it for 4-12 hours (preferably overnight). Cut it into squares afterwards and it’s ready to be served. For the cocoa version, roll the pieces in cocoa when finished.

If you want to make coconut marshmallows, toast half a cup of coconut flakes and sprinkle them on the bottom of the pan, then add the marshmallow mixture and sprinkle another half a cup of flakes on top of it.