The next time you buy an avocado, save the seed because you can plant it and sprout a whole avocado tree at home! If you’re lucky, you will even harvest some of its creamy delightful fruits! Here’s how to do it:

Extract the seed

First, remove the avocado seed whole, then wash it to remove its sticky residue. Dry it well.

Pierce the seed

Put three toothpicks in the seed holding it upright (the top of the seed is the pointy end).

Soak it in water

The next step includes soaking the seed in a glass of water. Fill a glass with water then place the seed resting the three toothpicks on the edge of the glass. Only the bottom of the seed should be submerged.

Let it sprout

Put the glass in a warm spot, but make sure it’s away from direct sunlight. Change the water every couple of days to eliminate any bacteria and add more water if needed. In 2-8 weeks, the seed should start sprouting. Continue maintaining the water level.

Trim the sprout

Once it’s 6-7 inches tall, trim the sprout in half. This will stimulate new growth.

Prepare to plant

When it grows to 6-7 inches again, it’s time to plant the sprout. Put it in a 10-inch wide pot filled with humus-rich soil, and leave the top half of the seed exposed.

Maintain your plant with water and sun

The avocado plant needs plenty of sunshine, so put it in a sunny area – if it’s the summer, you can keep it outside. Water it just enough to keep it moist, making sure that it’s not soaked.

Foster more growth

Once it reaches 12 inches, trim the plant back to 6 inch to stimulate growth.


If you live in a colder climate, bring the pot inside once the temperatures drop. In sunny climates, transplant it outside on a sunny spot. March-June are the best months for transplantation. Be careful – young avocados can be damaged by the sun in summer.

Savor the fruits!

Sadly, avocado trees may bring fruits in 3-4 years, while some can even take 15. Some never have fruit at all. But, at least you have a cool houseplant, right?