In the medicine field this growths are called lymphomas.
Regularly they appear everywhere on a human body. Today modern researches cannot be sure what is the specific reason why do these lymphomas appear, genetic is a big factor, while as the overweight or increased body fat are not considered as factors for them.

Eliminating the tissue with body fat in a healthy way

We have found a solution for you, if you wander how to remove these growths without a scalpel or different medical products. One of the most typical doctor suggestions is a procedure that is mainly performed in the private clinics. Laser removal is with electromagnetic treatments.

What you should take in consideration is that there isn’t a complete guarantee that these skin growths will not appear again if you take some kind of intervention. It is recommended that the medical diagnose should be given only from experts, considering that sometimes an operation is necessary, especially if the lymphomas are very small and don’t make physical handicaps.

Dermatologists recommend organic treatments. One recipe, which is no longer questioned, has helped many people only with the combination of honey and flour.

Honey and flour against skin growths

Mix the honey and flour in the same proportion 1:1 and put it on the skin. It is important that the mixture should have thickness 0.5 up to 1 cm. Put paper towel on it or a bandage, all with the goal not to stick the mixture to your clothes.

You need to keep this mixture on the skin for a day and a half ( 36 hours), then you should clean the skin and repeat the procedure with a new mixture. This therapy should be repeated 5 times ( 7- 8 days). After which you will definitely notice results, the skin growths will simply disappear.