Everyone that have kidney stones can remove the pain in a very simple way, with a natural medicine that saved many people from hurting from kidney stones.

The situation can be resolved and diminished, only with the help of this natural medicine in only 10 days. I am talking about the recipe based on a cereal with millet, considered magical in treating kidney stones but also urinary kidneys.

It is efficiently in cleaning the kidneys, eliminating the sand and mucus, removing stones from the kidneys and bladder, and also curing cystitis.

The millet, namely, is considered for a cereal that has many medical characteristics and a great nutritious value, and if you have kidney problems, here is the recipe from a Russian natural medicine that can heal you.


  • In the evenings- 200g millet should be washed in warm water
  • Put the millet in a 3 l jar and cover 2/3 from the jar with hot boiling water
  • Cover it, wrap it in something warm and leave it during the night. In the morning you will notice white, blurry liquid in the jar. That exactly is your medicine.
  • Pour that liquid in another jar. Consume it during the day without limitations, in any amount you want, whenever you want.
  • Don’t throw away the millet. Boil it in a healthy meal ( 1 glass millet, 3 glasses water is boiled for 15 minutes) and eat it for breakfast.

In the evening prepare a new portion for the next day, following the same procedure and repeating it for 10-15 days. After this period the kidney stone will dissolve and leave your body through your urine, and the kidneys will be cleaned from the send, mucus and stones. At the same time, the irritation will be eliminated, and the kidney tissue and urinary organs will be renewed.

This cereal is not expensive and you can find it in every health food store.