Detoxifying your body through your feet is one of the best ways to clean your body of toxin accumulation without having to adjust your diet. Other detox methods include homemade or electric foot detox pads and foot detox spas, which can be powerful body cleansers. Here’s how they work:

Foot detox pads

Detox foot pads are usually made of tree and bamboo extracts and they can be found in almost any health store. Better known as detox patches, these pads have their origin in Japanese culture and are easy to use. You need to apply them on your soles before you go to bed and in the morning, they will be darkened due to all the toxins extracted. Using food detox pads has been found to relieve fatigue, joint pain and headaches.

Ionic foot baths are another great detoxifying method which can extract toxins through your feet – it is an electrical process which produces positive and negative ions in warm saltwater.

How do ionic foot baths work?

Detox foot baths work by ionizing warm saltwater with different polarities while you enjoy soaking your feet in warm water. During the process, accumulated toxins which are the result of unhealthy diet, consumption of processed foods and saturated fats are released from the body.