Increased body temperature is not a sickness, but it is the symp[tom of some disease. Most likely it appears as a sign for some viral, bacteria, fungus or parasite infection, and also some cardio vascular, endocrine neurological and even some malignant disease. Normal body temperature moves from 36.1 up to 37.2 C, and it is changing during the day whether we are healthy or sick. The lowest is early in the morning between 4 and 6 o`clock, and the highest at night between 6 and 8. The body temperature depends also from the air temperature as well as physical activity. High body temperature can be lowered with some antipyretics, warm water coating, showering, ventilation and cooling the room where the patient remains.

  1. Anti pyretic

These products for lowering the temperature are used when the temperature is higher than 38.5 in children, or 39 C in adults.

  1. Massage

Massaging with warm water is better than massage with cold water and alcohol. Lowering the temperature with alcohol is not more efficient than water especially in children because it can cause skin irritations.

  1. Fluids

Because of the high fever the body loses lot of fluids but also vitamins and minerals. SO you need to increase the amount of tea and other warm drinks with lots of fresh fruit.

  1. Indian recipe

For high fever, Indians make hot- sour drink made of hot pepper and orange. The pepper should be sunk in boiling water, you add sugar and sour orange juice. This potion lowers the temperature, enhances sweating and provides the body with vitamin C.

  1. Warm drinks

Homemade raspberry juice lowers the temperature, returns the energy and strength. Put raspberries in water and boil them. Then drink this potion in the morning and in the evening.

  1. Tea

Herb teas are prepared from 20g chamomile and 20g thyme because they act antiseptic and soften the inflammation, and by adding 20 g linden you enhance sweating. One spoon from this mixture is covered with hot boiled water and is left for 10 minutes. Squeeze it and drink several cups a day.

  1. PotatoPotato circles should be put on the bottom of your feet, on your palms and on your forehead. The heat from the body is passed to the potato and it becomes dry. Also, the potato can be grinded and put on your feet, then you should put socks on it and let the feet to heat down.
  2. Flour and acidMake a mixture out of corn flour and alcohol vinegar to get a thick mixture. Put it on the bottom of your feet and wrap the feet with cotton towel and put cotton socks on