People are trying to do everything in order to protect themselves from cancer. We watch what we eat and drink, and take care of the products we use on the body. However, cancer develops due to internal and external factors. It is present in GMO seeds and the treatments used for the growth of fruits and vegetables. This fatal disease is in sunscreen products, soaps, cosmetics, shampoos and toothpastes – basically everything that can reach inside the body. It can even be found in products we eat every day.

However, there is a natural enemy of cancer that can eliminate the disease, and that’s hydrogen peroxide. If you read about it in the media you will only learn about its negative effects, and almost no information about its usefulness can be found, but a 35% solution of hydrogen peroxide can eliminate the disease easily.

Cancer thrives in an acidic environment and develops fast in a body full of sugars, processed salt, junk food and animal fat. The major organs cannot process all these harmful toxins that are inside everything we consume on a daily basis. These toxins include pesticides, hormones, heavy metals, antibiotics, fluoride, insecticides, ammonia, bleach and many more. Oncologists often recommend avoiding alkalizing foods while you are on chemotherapy as they can disrupt the treatment.

Unfortunately, chemotherapy is often fatal. This treatment kills the cancer along the healthy cells in the body. But, people often forget that viruses, parasites and all pathogens are anaerobic organisms. They can live in anaerobic environments like the cancer cells, but they can’t develop if they don’t have access to fermenting glucose.

The simple cure for cancer lies in the alkalization of the body. Hydrogen peroxide can’t fix the damaged cells due to chemo, but it can provide a good basis for regeneration of tissues and cells. The regeneration process is inside everyone’s DNA, with both sexes experiencing the same thing:

4 months – new red blood cells

3 months – new skeleton

2 months – new brain tissue, cells

After 49 days – new bladder

45 days – new DNA cell material and new liver

One month – New skin and hair

Five days – new stomach lining

Providing Sufficient Amount of Hydrogen Peroxide in The Cancer Cells is Crucial

According to numerous studies, the progress of cancer is directly related to the quantity of oxygen around the cells. More oxygen, and the cancer advances faster and vice versa. However, if we expose the cancer cells to just the right amount of oxygen, they will die. Hydrogen peroxide eliminates the cancer cells as they cannot break down the substance and prevent its effects. To successfully eliminate the cancer cells, we need to provide them with enough hydrogen peroxide. According to research, proteolytic enzymes or pancreatic enzymes, cut the thick protein layers that surround the cancer cells in half, allowing the immune system to detect them properly. When the protein layers are cut, hydrogen peroxide enters the cells and kills them quickly.


Medical Science is Well-Aware of This Fact for More Than 5 Decades

The difference between cancer cells and normal cells has been discovered by Dr. Otto Warburg, a Nobel Prize winner. Dr. Warburg discovered this five decades ago. He found out that all cells get energy from glucose, but the cancer cells break down glucose without the help of oxygen. That’s why they are so “addicted” to sugar and the reason that obese and overweight people are more prone to cancer.

Hydrogen peroxide and oxygen treatments for cancer have been tested many times and have been confirmed as effective and safe. However, only 35% hydrogen peroxide is suitable for internal use. The store bought 3% peroxide should be avoided. This peroxide comes with various stabilizers that are not safe for consumption.

A perfect way to use 35% hydrogen peroxide as a treatment for cancer is to add a cup of it in a bath and soak in it for half an hour. This way the substance enters the body through its largest organ – the skin. Another option is to consume a few drops of peroxide in a glass of water. However, you should be wary of the digestive enzymes, as scientists have found a link between low levels of these enzymes and cancer. There is a special therapy that can solve this problem.