People use antiperspirants and deodorants all the time in order to prevent odor, but according to latest research, 80% of all people don’t need to use these products due to their genetics, although this doesn’t stop them. Our sweat doesn’t smell by itself – it’s the bacteria in our armpits that makes it unpleasant. The amino acids and lipids in the sweat are broken down by bacteria, and turn it into an unpleasant smelling substance.

And, although they at least temporarily stop our smell, deodorants and antiperspirants have adverse side-effects which can cause serious consequences.

Our armpits are an ecosystem

Just like our intestines, our armpits are an actual ecosystem that can be destabilized by antibiotics and foods which eliminate beneficial bacteria. And, it’s not just about the smell – the whole body is connected to the microbial world. Our attention, digestion and mood influence our gut microbiome.

Here’s how to keep the armpit microbiome working properly:

Switch to milder soaps

Surfactants such as SDS and SLS are present in most soaps. They eliminate the protective sebum of the skin, making it an ideal environment in which bacteria thrive. Milder soaps on the other hand, will not remove the sebum and will keep your skin protected.

Get rid of aluminum-rich deodorants

Aluminum stimulates sweating, and the metal is related to different diseases and conditions, including cancer. Many “natural” companies advertise their product as aluminum-free, but the truth is that they’re not.

Check the label

Almost all deodorants claim to be aluminum-free. However, they still contain alum (aluminum sulfate), which makes the product safer than most aluminum-containing antiperspirants and deodorants.

Parabens and triclosan

These antibacterial compounds destabilize the armpit microbiome and destroy all of the beneficial armpit bacteria.