All of us that like drinking tea, and throw away the tea bag, are not aware how curable and useful they can be, and at the same time save money.

The medical influence tea has is already well known, but the used tea bags are neglected.

You throw them in the dumpster every day, but you don’t know that they can help your health and also help you clean something and get rid of a specific smell.

You have been bitten by a mosquito, a bee…? (You have burned yourself? Have a bruise? Try putting cold used tea bag on the spot and the problem will disappear.

Also if you have woken up with dark circles around your eyes – you can solve the problems with a used tea bag, just put these tea bags on your eyes and leave them on for several minutes.

If you have smelly shoes, during the night put used dried tea bags in it and by the morning the smell will disappear.

Take a look at this video and find out how tea bags can help your body and health, but they can also help in the household.