Planters Warts on the bottom of a child's foot.

Usually adults have problem like clavus the unpleasant appearance of feet. You need to buy the herb called houseleeks (Sempervivum) and use it to make natural remedy that will last three days. This plant is fleshy and the juicy leaf can have amazing properties.

The juice can be used for faster wound healing, against irritations and skin burns. And the most important one is to help against clavus.

Here is the recipe you can prepare against the unpleasant clavus:


  • houseleeks
  • band aids


  • Take few houseleek leaves
  • Remove the external surface layer of the leaves ( easily removable skin part)
  • Put the peeled houseleek`s leaves on the clavus and cover them with band aids.
  • Wear the band aid during the day.
  • Repeat this several days until it is completely disappeared.