Make natural remedy that will regulate the blood pressure enhancing your general health.

There is no list of healthy ingredients where the blueberries don’t have their place. Studies have shown that this tasty blueberry can help you control your blood pressure.

Experts think that the incredible potential that blueberries have is coming from the richness of the antioxidants lowering the inflammations and act soothing on your general health.

And here is one more good news- you don’t need big amounts of blueberries to use their potential. It is enough to drink one blueberry juice daily and you will see the difference in your health immediately.

This potion besides blueberries consists of banana, yogurt and spinach so it means its rich in calcium, probiotics and diet nitrates.

Mix a cup of blueberries ( frozen) with one banana, low fat yogurt, a cup of spinach and mix it all in a blender. You will get 2 glasses of this juice.