We are already familiar with all the benefits that ginger introduces.

They help the immune system and are effective against viral infections.

The ones that use it often can confirm that it is an expensive pleasure. So just don’t waste your money and cultivate it at home on your window.

This way the ginger root is always fresh and easily available. Like we say in the reach of the hand.

The ginger root is supposed to be planted between the months of February and March. And it lasts up to 8 or 10 months.

It tastes good grown in home conditions.

The main goal is to have it always fresh. And the side effect, the positive one is that you save your money for something else you need.


Here is how to grow the ginger at home

  1. First you need to prepare the ginger root before planting it. Put the root in a weak solution of water and permanganate ( sold at the pharmacy, potassium permanganate) and leave the root inside for few hours.
  2. Remove it from the solution and put it in a plastic bag. Leave it there until it grows eyes ( like potatoes.
  3. Now divide the root in parts, but make sure every part has its own well- developed bud ( at least one).
  4. Plant the parts in shallow but wide pots filled with soil, humus and sand in the ratio of 1:1;1/2

Observe the pots. The first root should appear between 1 and 2 months. If the shoots are properly cared for they can reach height up to one meter.

When autumn comes, the shoots die, you need to pull out the root, clean it from the soil and store it in a dry place.

You can use one part for food or medical treatment, and the other you should save it for the next season when you can plant it the same way, and have ginger during the hole year.

You can keep the fresh ginger root in the bottom shelf of your refrigerator for a month, and the dried ginger for about 4 months.