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This beverage has been used for over 2000 years for improving the overall health ant fighting against infections and chronic diseases. It is a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, forming zoolgleal mat. It was called the “Immortal Health Elixir” by the Ancient Chinese people.

The cultures in the Kombucha help turn sugar into alcohol. The yeasts from the culture can have many strains. One strain of bacteria known as Gluconacetobacterxylinus can ferment the alcohol from the yeast into acetic acid. It can lower the alcohol content in the Kombucha and can increase the metabolic content of the probiotics.

The Komucha mother

The floating piece of fibrous cellulose with specific beneficial microorganisms is called the Kombucha mother. Most of the physical structure of the kombucha moter makes up the G. xylinum bacteria. When a kombucha mother is present it shows that the kombucha is alive and active, and when there is no mother, then the kombucha is pasteurization or processing.

Due to the acid properties, the kombucha when it is finished can prevent contamination by airborne mold and bacterial spores. Antimicrobial defense molecules are produced from the bacteria and the yeasts within the kombucha, protecting it from contamination.

Unique nutrients are loaded in the Kombucha

The components of kombucha include organic acids, active enzymes, amino acids, polyphenol anti-oxidants, as well as acetic acid, butyric acid, usnic acid, oxalic acid, malic acid, gluconic acid and lactic acid. Active enzymes and probiotics are found in it as well.

Usually Kombucha is made in sweetened green, white or black tea. To get best fermentation you can use organic evaporated cane juice or honey, but if used too much honey you can disturb the stability of the culture. It is very low glycolic and non inflammatory due to its possibility to make the sugar into organic acids that can blunt the blood sugar.

Improve the joint Function

It can help prevent joint degeneration and the cartilage structure because of its glucosamines in its compound. It can increase the hyaluronic acid production, helping the moisture to the binds of the joints and the joint cavity. The Kombucha helps the joint structure, moisture, lubrication and flexibility.

Improve digestion and immunity

The Kombucha makes it way in the gut warding the parasites and the pathogens. You can use it to minimize the Candida bacteria and you can improve your digestion. Placing healthy microorganisms and antioxidants in the body can improve the immune system.

Cleanse the body with Kombucha

Due to the enzymes and organic acids the Kombucha can help detoxify the body. It helps the pancreas, the liver and the kidneys when flashing out the wastes and toxins from the system. It can also help destroy cancer cells. It has an anti-cancer activity due to its richness in glucaric acid.

The Kombucha was used by the Nobel Prize winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn for beating stomach cancer, and by the president Ronald Reagan in 1987 for stopping the spread of his cancer.