There are many benefits of onions, which include lowering the risks of various cancers, maintaining the health of hair and skin, killing bacteria and purifying the blood. Raw or cooked – it doesn’t matter; onions are good for you. The raw onion has higher levels of organic sulfur compounds though.

Besides the health benefits, adding onion to dishes puts a spicy flavor in them, without extra calories or fat. Onions will go along with almost every dish – roasted, sautéed or caramelized, or you can use them as toppings for salads and sandwiches or add them to dips and salsas.

Onions will help in cases of disrupted thyroid. A Russian doctor from St. Petersburg, Dr. Igor Knjazkin, wrote an efficient recipe for the thyroid gland, which includes red onions. It’s a very simple if a little odd method: cut a red onion before you go to sleep, take one half and rub and massage it on your neck around the thyroid gland area in circular movements. Do not clean your neck and go to sleep, but before that put a slice of onion in your socks. Overnight, the onion will affect the thyroid gland.

Red onions eliminate bacteria, clean the skin and purify the blood thanks to the phosphoric acid. Even traditional medicine says that the onion has these benefits:

– Purifies the air

– Purifies the blood

– Kills pathogens and bacteria.