Doctors never offer another treatment for cancer besides chemotherapy, and claim that there’s no other cure. Sadly, the effects of chemotherapy on the body are devastating, and many people have defeated this fatal disease using natural treatments.

Some people have had success with cannabis, others with turmeric and baking soda, but honey has also provided good results. Thirteen years ago, Ante Kresic from Zagreb, Croatia was diagnosed with lung cancer and informed that he has very little time left. He decided to try honey as a natural treatment for his cancer, and today he is a healthy gentleman who has devoted his time to keeping bees.

Mr. Kresic was released from the hospital in April, and the disease was gone by the summer. After a couple of months, his regular check-up showed no signs of lung cancer, and the doctors advised him to continue his treatment and therapy until the next test, which again revealed no traces of the disease. This is why Mr. Kresic decided to share his amazing experience with everyone around the world.

Honey is one of the most popular and oldest remedies known to humanity. It was found in Tutankhamen’s 3000 years old tomb, and ancient Romans and Greeks used it to strengthen the body and heal wounds. Mostly, it was an expensive remedy reserved for the wealthy.

Mr. Kresic consumed honey mixed with ginger, pine needles and other healing herbs. A woman from Bosnia also managed to defeat cancer with a honey-ginger mixture, and she also shared her recipe online. Here’s how she prepared the remedy:

Chop and mix two bigger ginger roots with half a kg. of organic honey. Transfer the mixture into a glass jar and take 1 tablespoon of it 3-4 on a daily basis. Make sure that you use a wooden spoon for the mixture and not a metal or plastic one. After only 4 days, you can expect to feel the results. Besides the mixture, it’s important to have a positive attitude regardless of the doctors’ opinion.