Usually female facial hair is caused by some hormone problems such as testosterone. We use waxing or plucking to remove them, but as we all know that is painful. Here are some methods that can help remove them with no pain and can help you look beautiful and self conscious.

A lot of these creams are homemade. The most popular one is spice turmeric. Here is what you will need to prepare it:

  • half a spoon of turmeric
  • one cup chickpea flour
  • 2 drops of milk

Mix these ingredients well until it became a paste. Apply it on the mustache and leave it to dry. After that take a cloth and wipe it away.

Here are more homemade creams:

  • honey
  • sugar and lemon
  • potatoes and lentils
  • bananas and oatmeal
  • eggs

Sometimes the food we input is the cause for the imbalance of the hormones. Here is the food you should try to avoid, to help your hormones:

  • alcohol
  • pasta
  • white rice
  • sugar
  • coffee
  • commercial oils

If you would like to lower the level of testosterone and balance the hormones you need to consume these foods: chia seeds, avocados, walnuts, raw green plants and fiber rich food.