Applying Banana On Hair

Banana is a wonderful fruit full of healthy nutrient. It is especially rich in potassium, and also contains natural oils, carbohydrates and vitamins which help in hair softening and also protect its elasticity. Banana creates shine, durability, growth and prevents dandruff. It’s not just used in hair products – banana masks are also great for face treatment. Just like them, banana will improve your hair quality – here’s how!

Pack for soft hair

 Make a mix of ripe banana and avocado and add coconut oil. Apply on your hair for 15-20 minutes. Instead of avocado, cocoa can be used. This mix softens the hair and acts as a conditioner. The presence of cocoa should you use it, also brings out the natural colors of the hair.

Pack for shine and health

 Mix ¼ of olive oil, one egg and a peeled banana in a blender. Puree for a couple of minutes and then apply it. Let it stay for about 15 minutes and wash your hair.

Pack to fight hair loss

 To treat hair loss mix a ripe banana pulp and some yoghurt. This paste is applied on the scalp and left for 15-20 minutes then rinsed with cold water.

Pack for dry hair

 Just like a honey and banana face mask works wonders for dry face, this mix works for your dry hair too. The mix is made from three spoons of honey and a ripe banana. Apply on wet hair and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Then wash it.

Pack for dry and damaged hair

 Another simple mask helps dry and damaged hair. It’s the mix of banana pulp and almond oil. Leave it on your head for 10-15 minutes then wash your hair. The vitamins from the two ingredients will leave you with a shiny and silky hair which will be very soft.

When making any of the aforementioned masks, be sure the banana is pulp form. Blend it to be sure. You should never let any of the masks dry on your hair. They should be still wet by the time you wash your hair or the banana will stick to the hairs. Once your hair is fully dry, you will see the amazing results.