Every woman has symptoms during the menstrual cycle. If some symptoms are knew they shouldn’t be ignored, they may lead to serious health problems. Read here about which symptoms you shouldn’t ignore, and this is doctor`s advice.

  1. Absent menstruation

If the menstrual cycle is skipped more than once and you aren’t pregnant you need to check it out. It might be due to hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems, excessive workouts or diet, stress or even premature menopause. You should also do a blood test to check the hormone levels and the thyroid, and your doctor might suggest checking for polycystic ovaries.

  1. Sudden and intensive cramps

When this type of pain occurs it may lead to endometriosis. This is where the cells that grow in the uterus grow further from the external walls and cause pain. This is a condition that can be easily treated.

  1. Abnormal bleeding

When taking birth control pills, excessive bleeding in between cycles can be normal. But you should still check with your doctor and be sure. If this is not the case you may be suffering from fibroids, have ovarian cyst or even pre cancer cells.

  1. Cycle more than 10 days and excessive bleeding

Excessive bleeding is when you change your insole every hour. The reason might be fibroids, polyps or adenomyosis causing anemia. It can lead to myoma or hyperplasia if not treated properly.

  1. Unbearable symptoms of menstrual cycle

There is PMS disorder called premenstrual dysphoric disorder where you feel and act like a monster, including uncontrolled food desire, mood changes, depression, anxiety, rage and losing control. The doctor will recommend antidepressants for this period which should help.

  1. Distressed hormones

The condition called premenstrual magnification can be very bad. It enhances all problems before the cycle be much bigger during one, like asthma, diabetes, depression and arthritis. If this is your case you should consult your doctor and find medications that will help.