Many people have started to grow their own organic food. The reasons are simple, it is cheap and you know what you eat- they are pesticide free. So we can see that a lot of people have turned their gardens and their flowers in the garden into organic fruits and vegetables.

There is no need to buy GMO products when you can produce your own healthier ones. You will need something to start with, so here is how you can grow a pineapple from another one in few simple steps. There is something you should know before planting a pineapple. Here it is:

  1. Pineapples don’t require a lot of water. They can endure with little water.
  2. The pineapple can grow in hot and sunny conditions, but they will also survive in the shades.
  3. Pineapples don have big roots, so they don’t require large amount of high quality soil. This will save you money.
  4. You can use the soil from your garden because the pineapple needs slightly acidic soils, that are probably found in your garden.

To grow a pineapple you will need:

  • Small bowl of water
  • Potting soil
  • Planting pots
  • Any sized pineapple

Buy yourself a healthy, no spots pineapple. Preferable an organic one so that you get organic for the next ones you plant by yourself.

Cut the crown of the pineapple without any fruit part on it. Leave it outside in the sun for few days to dry. Pull out the outer leaves only, leaving the rest. Put half an inch clean water in a bowl and put the bottom half of the crown, dipping in the water, leaving the leaves to float over the water level.

Leave it outside or somewhere sunny for at least 2 weeks, changing the water every second day. After two weeks, the crown can be planted in a pot.

After you have planted the crown in the pot with soil you need to water it just enough to keep the soil wet. You need to keep the pot under the sun for 6 hours a day, at least. And for the rest of the time you can put it in the shades.

Watering the pot and putting it under the sun should take for about an year, and then you can replant it in a bigger pot or in the garden. The fruits from the pineapple will arrive after the crown has been kept for 2 years.