It is easy to grow your own lemon tree. Usually lemon trees grow outside in hot areas, but there is a possibility to grow your own lemon tree inside. They look nice and are easily grown from the seed. All you need organic lemon and little equipment.

Step 1

Pick out the seeds from one lemon. Rinse the seeds with warm water and rub off the flesh from them as much as possible, so that they don’t rot. You need to plant the seeds immediately because they will dry out and not be usable.

Step 2

Plant them one- half inch deep in the pot. Moisten the soil and cover the pot with a plastic wrap so that the soil and the seed are kept moisten. Check the moisture every day.

Step 3

Place the pot in sunlight. The sprout will appear in a month or two, it takes time to outgrow the pot.

Step 4

When the lemon tree has grown bigger you can replant it in a bigger pot.