There are several ways to purify your lungs from tar and toxins and with it lower the risk of cancer and hard lung infection. Lung cancer is one of the leading reasons of death in the world and from this specific disease the most affected are the smokers. However, if you already are smoking than at least try to lower the risk with the help of this natural “toxin cleaners”. Here are the products that have the strength to purify the body of toxic waste piled up as a smoking consequence.

Corn- this plant contains beta cryptoxanthin substance for which its claimed that protects the lungs of cancer and represents a strong antioxidant

Selenium – this is a powerful antioxidant which can be found in different kinds of fish, like tuna, salmon and cod, as well as in lambs meat, eggs and cereals.

Onion and garlic- both plants contain specific compounds with and anticancer characteristics. Garlic helps preventing a lot of diseases, and between them is the lung cancer infection. In the people that are already suffering from cancer will prevent creating new cancer cells.

Orange- besides being rich source for vitamins, orange contains cryptoxanthin which we already spoke about helping against lung cancer.

Ginger- another very powerful plant for disposing toxic waste from the lungs. You can drink ginger tea or eat a piece of it during a meal.

Nettle – this plant has a lot of iron, and also is a very powerful means for cleansing the lungs and fight against an infection.

Pine needle tea – this tea is usually used for mouth and throat wash but at the same time it’s a very good ally in the fight against the white lung cancer.