Ginger mostly is used in the Thai and Indi kitchen. But its smell and taste very often can be felt on our tables as well…

This ingredient is very good antioxidants, it has antibacterial, antiseptic, sedative and antipyretic influence and, besides that, it is considered to be a great aphrodisiac.

Melts fat deposits

Although proper nutrition and regular exercise are the only means to beat the extra pounds, there are also a lot of natural additions to the food that can help the process of losing weight. Among these nutrition is the ginger.

Its medicated root speeds up the metabolism, lowers the cholesterols, helps saliva excretions and

starch food digestions, lowers the engorgement and constipation, and all of the above contributes for weight lost.

Improves mental abilities

It is commonly known that ginger relieves from a headache, but it is less known that it also improves the brain functioning. If we use it in any shape during the day, we will be more fresh and we will have more strength and energy, and if in the late hours we eat warm stew with ginger in it , we will provide for us great sleep and rest.

Lowers the stress

Ginger is abundant with the gingerly antioxidant, which helps removing the harmful chemicals that our body produces when we are worried, so with its component it influences lowering the psychological stress. In the process of stressing we disrupt the process of digestion too, so we react with nausea, and the ginger is a cure for all those discomforts.

Against morning sickness

There are not enough medications and synthetic products that are allowed during pregnancy. The ginger can be used freely in small amounts- as an incredible means for eliminating morning sicknesses. Drink small sips of fresh ginger tea always when you feel nausea is coming up.

Against common cold and flu

If we use ginger regularly, which is a very strong antioxidant, and it also has antibacterial attributes – we can prevent the flu or the cold in its beginning, as well as potential complications of these conditions. Ginger will strong our immunity, it will ease our breathing and it will mitigate the headache. Ginger also encourages sweating, so its excellent for lowering the temperature.

Cure for arthritis

Because the ginger has anti-inflammatory characteristics, it is also very efficient in rheumatoid arthritis therapy, osteoarthritis and other muscle-bone and coherent tissue diseases. The chemical ingredients that the ginger consists of are useful in preventing the prostaglandins biosynthesis, which is responsible for inflammatory occurrence. Some research has shown that in the case of arthritis the ginger is even more effective than other conventional medications.

For cold hands and feet

The cold hands and feet syndrome doesn’t only hurt the elderly. Ginger is a strong tool for activating the circulation and its use is advised to all that are having this kind of problem. The best results are achieved if we drink warm tea made from this curable root regularly.