The eye muscles get tired when looking for a long time, so they become weak.

You can understand better with a simple example, like broken leg. The treatment is to relax the leg until the bone heals itself. What happens to the muscle? It becomes weak due to not using it while relaxing and waiting for the bone to heal. Same thing happens to the muscles surrounding the eyes.

These muscles need exercise like any other muscle in the body. If you don’t do exercises for these muscles they will weaken and you will have eye problems.

Here are several guidelines that you can consider when rebuilding your vision:

You need to avoid any hard pressure on the eyes, and make sure you close your eyes for few minutes every 2-3 hours. There are also many gymnastics you can do to exercise your eye muscles.

Remove your glasses.

Massage specific points every day (see the picture)


Using your tips of the index and middle finger apply light pressure on the eyeball. Press lightly and remove the pain. After this use your index fingers and press twice.

When walking outside make sure you are looking in the distance.

Consume carrot juice regularly with few drops of olive oil.

Use lukewarm water to wash your eyes.

2 hours before bedtime, you need to avoid the PC or lap top.

You can practice the Indian exercise “Trataka” for improving your vision.

“Trataka” is an activity that helps the visual perception and bracing the third eye. You need to direct and center your look at a specific item, and this is a type of reflection coordinating the fixation at specific point.

For the beginning of this exercise focus your eyes on an image or item and gaze at it for a while. Remove any thoughts from your head and just look.

The eyes will start to tear, so now close your eyes and rest them for a while. The goal is to endure more focusing before the tears appear. After few days of training the time focusing will be prolonged.

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