This treatment was tested when persistent cough and bronchitis appears.

Here is an excellent natural medicine made out of banana.

It is especially effective with children, but it also helps adults.

The banana has beneficial effect on the stomach, as well as being healthy, tasty and nutritious.

Make this cream if your child is feeling sore throat and has a cough.

It is the easiest way for preparation.


-2 bananas ( the best ones are the ones with dots)

– 2 table spoons of honey or sugar

– 400 ml boiled water


Peel the bananas. Smash them with fork or maybe a wooden or plastic spoon so it doesn’t darken.

Pour them in boiling water and let it sit for 30 minutes.

At the end add the sugar while it is still hot so that it melts, or if you want to add honey you should wait for the mixture to cool of so that the honey doesn’t lose its beneficial supplements.

You need to mix it really good, so that the mixture gets even.

You can strain the mixture if you like. This part is optional, depending if your child has teeth or not, whether it can chew or not.

Way of consuming:

The dosage should be divided into 4 same amounts, about 100 ml per serve.

You need to carefully heat up every serving before consumption.

Make a new dosage every day it is very easy.

This is easy and cheap natural medication that will not hurt yours or your child`s metabolism. The cough will stop in a few days.