You may have found “The skeleton dance” silly, but it showed you that all the bones in your body are connected. This is why pain in one foot can hurt all the way up the leg due to everything in the body being connected.

There’s a big list on factors behind foot pain – bunions, arthritis, corns, overlapping toes, heel spurs, ingrown toenails or athlete’s foot can all be the causes. Our feet are connected to many things. According to Chinese reflexology, they are the source of perfect health, which is why there are so many foot detox methods.

Foot pain solutions

Foot stretches are the easiest method for relieving foot pain, and can be done in only 5 minutes.

  1. The toe raise

Raise your toes up while standing and repeat the exercise 5 times with each foot.

  1. Toe lifts

Raise the toes like in the previous exercise, then lower your big toe while keeping the others up. This stretch is not easy for everyone, but if you find it difficult, try lowering your pinky toe instead of the big toe. Repeat the exercise 5 times with each foot.

  1. Rock out

Stand up and shift your weight to the outer part of the feet, then shift it to the inner parts. Repeat the exercise 10 times per foot.

  1. Ankle stretch

Loop a stretchy exercise band to a table, then hook one foot through it so that the ball of the foot is supported by the band. Press your toes towards the floor and you should be able to feel the stretch. Repeat the ankle stretch 15 times.

  1. Tennis ball rub

Roll a tennis ball under your foot with light pressure, and once you’re done, lean your foot upwards then stretch your toes downwards.

  1. Toes and fingers

Sit on the floor with your legs stretched and toes pointing at the ceiling. Now, bend forward and try to touch your toes, then pull them back. This can be a little difficult, so be patient and go one foot at a time.

Other foot tips

The following tips will restore the health and balance to your feet and legs.


As yoga requires balanced feet, you need to learn to control them. Once you do it, you can restore the balance of your physical and mental state through yoga.

Walk barefoot more often

Walking barefoot outside will make your feet more flexible and stable on uneven surfaces.

Epsom salts

Soak your feet in an Epsom salt bath to detoxify them and increase your magnesium intake.

Wear proper footwear

Many women often choose cute, but uncomfortable shoes over the comfy ones. However, this is detrimental to your feet health – you should always pick shoes that suit your foot width, and avoid flip-flops and shoes with inappropriate arch support.

Visit a specialist

If your foot pain hasn’t diminished with exercise, you need to visit a specialist to determine what the problem is.

Never ignore your feet – their health plays a huge role in your overall health.