One of the most difficult things to do is to lose weight, but it’s even harder when some parts of your body seem to be stubborn about shedding excess weight. The stomach often seems to be the biggest culprit of this problem, especially for women. If you are working hard to get healthy but you aren’t seeing a difference in your belly fat, learn more about how to fix this problem.


Stomach fat can be caused by a number of issues, and by finding it out you can ease the process of getting rid of it. These are some of the most common causes of stomach fat:

Childbearing: After having a child, it is possible for your body to bounce back. Pregnancy and childbearing can significantly change the way that your body distributes and carries weight, so you may find it more difficult to get rid of and keep off fat.

Processed foods: Processed foods, which tend to be low in nutritional value, often cause bloating. This most often affects the stomach region.

Fatty foods: An excess of fat in the diet can also make your body store fat in the abdominal region.

Not enough/not right type of exercise: If you are changing your diet but not getting active, your weight loss journey may take much longer.

Genetics: Everyone carries their weight differently. If people in your family tend to carry any extra weight around their middle, it is likely that you may face the same challenge.


To know how your body works means that you can work with it, not against it. Use these tips to reduce belly fat and get the smooth, lean look you want.


If you do not eat regularly, your body tends to panic. Since you haven’t eaten in a while, it worries that you may not have access to food and that you may be starving. In preparation for whatever length of time you do not eat, your body begins storing extra fat that your body can use as energy during periods of starvation. However, when you eat regularly, there is no reason for your body to hang onto extra calories or fat. Your body is then more apt to shed excess fat.


Many women avoid strength training and stick to cardio in fear of looking bulky. However, a strong core holds in fat, burns fat, and gives more shape to your midsection, so don’t be afraid to pick up the weights.


Sleep is extremely important. Much like your body stores fat if it thinks you’re starving, it stores fat if it thinks you are not getting enough sleep. In theory, this allows your body to use the excess fat as energy when sleep is hard to come by. Get a solid seven to nine hours per night to keep the extra fat off.


Source:Family Health Freedom Network