Grapefruits on a wooden table.

Delicious and nutritious snack or meal can be the grapefruit. You can combine it with oranges, strawberries and apples to have a full bowl of amazing food.

The best thing of eating grapefruit is the benefits.

Here is what you will get when eating grapefruit:

Improve the lung function

The lung function in patients with COPD ( chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder) can be improved by consuming grapefruit. Don’t mix the cure with the improving, because there still hasn’t been discovered a cure for pulmonary disease, but the grapefruit can help delay it and improve the condition. There was a study made by the American Thoracic Society, which used data from longitudinal study called ECLIPSE. The main goal is to identify the potential biomarkers for the disease. The study has shown that eating fish, banana and grapefruit can help improve the lung function as the biomarkers of these patients with this disease went down.

Decrease the risk of prostate cancer

The antioxidant found in the grapefruit like lycopene (also found in tomatoes) can help delay the growth and even inhibit the cancer cells that are causing prostate cancer. This was published in a study in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Because of this substance the grapefruit as well as the tomato have red shade. The study showed that men who consumed fruits with lycopene had less chance for getting prostate cancer by 82 %, especially if combined with green tea.

You can repair your DNA

A lot of studies were conducted that show how the cancer cells develop, due to the gene and DNA mutation. And with the grapefruit you can help this.

Lowers the cholesterol level

As you know there are good(HDL) and bad(LDL) cholesterol. The bad cholesterol can lead to increased blood pressure, blockage and blood clots, because of the built up plague on the arteries and the blood vessels. The good cholesterol does the opposite.

You can`t get the bad cholesterol out of your body by just flushing it out, but you can control the level of the bad cholesterol. This can be done by consuming grapefruit full with pectin. There was a study made on animals that consumed food high with cholesterol but received pectin as well. The study showed that those models experienced only 24 % of arterial narrowing.

So the grapefruit can help a lot of your health problems if consumed regularly.